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My day, so far, has been moderately amusing.

First, I woke up feeling more rested than I would expect, which (sadly) causes a worry response, because it means that ... yep, my phone ran out of charge overnight, and my alarm didn't go off. Stumble down the stairs to find a clock and, yeah, it's 40 minutes after when I'd planned to get up. Hokey-doke. Perform the necessary ablutions, pack the toiletries and sleep-clothes for the three-day outing that [personal profile] eafm mentioned, check my weather app, find clear skies, and go loping out the door.

While walking (and still waking up), I finally chance to look at the actual sky -- and bullSHIT it's not going to rain today. But, arrive dry at the train station, get on the train (which is standing-room-only, and that reminds me that NJ Transit is owed a sharply-worded note from me), trundle into Hoboken. And, now it's raining. Swing by CVS, pick up a folding umbrella, pick up breakfast, and get into work. Where I find I'm finally getting information from a vendor on a system we're evaluating, which needs to be demo'd today, and which they haven't really bothered helping me with much for the past 3 weeks that I've been sending them requests. I think I can safely assert that I shall *not* be recommending them or their wares.


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